I was a young girl when I first heard the gospel and trusted Christ as my Savior.  My heart hungered for more, but I was easily sidetracked by problems at home and unsaved friends at school.

Right before my eighth-grade year, two life-changing events occurred.  First, at a youth rally at our little country church, I surrendered my whole life to Christ.  That same year, as I began to pray about what that decision really meant, God opened the door for me to attend a Christian school.

For the first time, I began to see up-close examples of people who, though far from perfect, truly desired to let their lives reflect the character of Christ.  Some of these were my friends, some were upper class men, some were faculty and staff.  I was challenged to consider how Christ-likeness should be reflected in my life in my speech, my attitudes (that was a big one!), my actions, and every area of my life.

Having been greatly encouraged in my walk with Christ in a Christian school, I was ready to respond in high school when God began speaking to my heart about training to use my life to teach others in a Christian school.

Today, I can’t imagine another job that would be nearly as fulfilling, interesting, and just down-right fun as getting to teach young adults and watch God at work in their lives.

Mrs. Vonnie Potter
High School English Teacher 



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