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Spirit week at Faith Baptist School is one of the most anticipated weeks of the school year. The four days of fun and festivity are filled with laughs and entertainment, with colorful costumes as one of the biggest parts of the week. Here you will see everything from Mario, to Barman, to soldiers, fairies, monsters, heroes, villains, dogs, cats, and the list goes on and on. This year’s days were Color Day, Group Day, Classic Cartoon Day, and School Spirit Day. Color Day was canceled due to bad weather, but the next three days were on in full strength with famous characters from many different franchises appearing including the Avengers, Barman, Popeye, Olive Oyl, Raiden and Ermac, and many more. It is very exciting to see everyone dressing up and showing some spirit.

Henry Ford once said that “coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.” Those words describe the goal of spirit week at FBS. During this week, each class has to join together to decorate a themed wall. It wakes a lot of preparation, creativity, and cooperation on the student’s end of things.

This year the theme for the walls was board games. The students had to jump through some hurdles with the two snow days at the beginning of the week, but we came through the adversity with smiles on our faces.

The seniors chose the game Trouble. The 3-D popper and the detailed eagle were some highlights from their wall. The juniors, depicting the Game of Life, featured a Lake Orion Lion, whose car was broken down on the side of the path to victory. The sophomores, illustrating Candy Land, hung candy from the ceiling and made a castle out of balloons. The freshmen created a giant Monopoly board on their wall with personalized properties to include the names of their classmates, such as “Joshua Junction.” Eighth grade designed their version of Clue. (Don’t tell anyone, but it was the Eagles, in the ballroom, with the trophy!) The seventh graders had an impressive start to their high school career of wall decorating, declaring in bold letters that “winning is in our blood” alongside a giant game of Operation, with glowing nose and all.

Only one thing can get classes through the challenges of spirit week: working together. No one can do it all alone. Hearing one’s name being shouted from all directions, while accidentally tracing with sharpie marker on top of another creation, one just tapes the creation higher on the wall so no one will notice that the princess now has a black mustache. All those things are a part of spirit week, and all those things are made better with friends.

Of course, all of this festivity and work is in anticipation of the basketball games that will finalize the week. This year, the Faith Baptist Eagles battled the Lake Orion Lions to defend our home court. The games were an impressive showcase of athleticism and sportsmanship as both teams fought and gave their all for victory. The guys’ teams and the Varsity girls’ team, representing the Faith Baptist Eagles, stood strong and defended their nest, taking the victory in the end. It was an intense matchup and a fitting end to this great week of fun.

As Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” That is the lesson that the students of FBS have learned this spirit week.

Caleb Bader and Kurstin Hine






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