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K5: Laying a Good Foundation


K5, a time of play, naps, friends, fun, reading, and learning. But it is often a blurred memory to us because of the large gap of time that passes from K5 to where we are now. So, in order to properly remember K5, we decided to explore what it’s like to be a teacher, student, and parent in K5.

Mrs. Sarah Hose has taught here at Faith Baptist School for 12 years but this is her first year teaching Kindergarten.

She enjoys teaching K5 because everything is hands-on and the children are adorable. But she also finds it exhausting work because the children are very energetic! She said that they are like “Little adults with a LOT more energy,” and that they are very caring individuals. As we all know, little ones can say some strange things from time to time due to their active imaginations. For instance, one night one of Mrs. Hose’s students went home and told her mother that Mr. Hose was her boyfriend. These little sparks of joy and imagination are what make being around these little ones amazing!

Mrs. Hose thinks that Kindergarten now is similar to how it was when she was a child, but with more awareness of different learning types with more hands-on curriculum.

So now we know the viewpoint of the teacher, but what about the viewpoint of a student? Charity is a student in K5 and she has some interesting things to say about her grade.

During recess, Charity and her friends like to toss a ball into an imaginary hoop and play other games like “hide-and-seek.” She enjoyed the field trip to Upland Hills Farm earlier this year because of all the cool animals and sights and she looks forward to visiting the zoo this spring.

She enjoys going to school and told me that she wants to be a grandma when she grows up.

Also, she told me that at lunch she loves cheese sticks!

Charity’s mother is the one who takes her to school and has noticed a drastic improvement in her child’s comprehension, reading and writing skills, and more since Charity started attending school here at Faith. She has also noticed some changes in the way pre-school teaches kids facts and other things. She stated that the new teaching methods are more individualized and that the teachers try to accommodate the child’s learning style to help the child get the most out of education. She wants her child to always give her best and keep trying and to never give up.

Kindergarten is a great time to spark the desire for education in a child’s life and to challenge the child to do more and to achieve more. It is a very special time of learning that is very beneficial to the child, the teacher, and the parent.

Caleb Bader (10)







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