Who Are Your Heroes?


Who are your heroes?  Who are your children’s heroes?  They may be sports stars, entertainment personalities, or influential world leaders.  Unfortunately, our popular culture has diminished and even cheapened the meaning of the word “hero.”  But for the Christians it should hold greater meaning.  In his book, Twelve Unlikely Heroes, John McArthur states:

“The greatest heroes are those who are the human means God uses to change people forever – for their good and His glory.  And these true heroes who make an eternal impact are invariably the most unexpected and ordinary people – God makes unlikely heroes.”

Who are some of those people in our lives who have given sacrificially for our benefit, rendered service for our blessing, and faithfully stood as examples?  This month, on April 25th, we want to honor and show our appreciation for one special group of people – grandparents.  We are thankful for the godly heritage given by many of the grandparents of our FBS students.

“…thou has given me the heritage of those that fear thy name.” Psalm 61:5b


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